The Advancement of Science

Science Without Legend, Objectivity Without Illusions

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During the last three decades, reflections on the growth of scientific knowledge have inspired historians, sociologists, and some philosophers to contend that scientific objectivity is a myth. In this book, Kitcher attempts to resurrect the notions of objectivity and progress in science by identifying both the limitations of idealized treatments of growth of knowledge and the overreactions to philosophical idealizations. Recognizing that science is done not by logically omniscient subjects working in isolation, but by people with a variety of personal and social interests, who cooperate and... more

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Stathis Psillos The book aims to deflate the legend that science is a march to truth (to the one complete true story of the world) and that this is achieved by the use of a fully objective scientific method. But he aims to show how scientific progress and objectivity can still be defended, even though the legend is just a legend. (Source)

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