Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital

The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages

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Azeem Azhar Creator/Exponential ViewRecommends this book

Meltem Demirors @amazon 3/ if we look at bitcoin investing, it follows the cyclical trend outlined by the brilliant @CarlotaPrzPerez in her book "technological revolutions and financial bubbles" bitcoin is a secular investment (if you zoom out, up and to the right) that operates in cycles (Source)

Andrew Curry Carlota Perez comes out of a whole set of arguments which basically go back to Kondratiev. Kondratiev was the Soviet economist who said there seem to be long-wave downturns and upturns in cycles of around fifty years. He got shot by Stalin for his trouble. He first wrote the paper in 1924. There follows seventy years of argument whether it’s true – the price evidence seem to think it’s true: long upswing, long downswing – and why it’s true, and there’s different views on that: some of it’s about economics, some of it’s about capital investment, some of it’s about innovation cycles. Carlota... (Source)

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