Pleasure Activism

The Politics of Feeling Good (Emergent Strategy)

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How do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience? How can we awaken within ourselves desires that make it impossible to settle for anything less than a fulfilling life? Editor adrienne maree brown finds the answer in something she calls "Pleasure Activism," a politics of healing and happiness that explodes the dour myth that changing the world is just another form of work. Drawing on the black feminist tradition, including Audre Lourde's invitation to use the erotic as power and Toni Cade Bambara's exhortation that we make the revolution irresistible, the...


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Danielle Morrill Co-founder/Mattermark@natatouille What a lucky body, to have a mind like this to consider it so thoughtfully. I deeply enjoy your writing and if you haven’t seen it, maybe check out the book “Pleasure Activism” (Source)

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