A Moral History of the Twentieth Century

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Renowned moral philosopher Jonathan Glover confronts the brutal history of the twentieth century to unravel the mystery of why so many atrocities occurred. In a new preface, Glover brings the book through the post-September 11 era and into our own time—and asks whether humankind can "weaken the grip war has on us."

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“It is hard to imagine a more important book. Glover makes an overwhelming case for the need to understand our own inhumanity, and reduce or eliminate the ways in which it can express itself—and he then begins the task...

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Stephen D King He takes a variety of different morally dubious events through the 20th century, and doesn’t ask the question was it right or wrong in terms of the consequence, but rather: did the actors involved in reaching the decision do so in a good moral sense or not? (Source)

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