Greek Thought, Arabic Culture

The Graeco-Arabic Translation Movement in Baghdad and Early Abbasid Society

Ranked #93 in Islamic History

From the middle of the eighth century to the tenth century, almost all non-literary and non-historical secular Greek books, including such diverse topics as astrology, alchemy, physics, botany and medicine, that were not available throughout the eastern Byzantine Empire and the Near East, were translated into Arabic.
Greek Thought, Arabic Culture explores the major social, political and ideological factors that occasioned the unprecedented translation movement from Greek into Arabic in Baghdad, the newly founded capital of the Arab dynasty of the 'Abbasids', during the first two...

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Peter Adamson About an enormous movement when Greek works of science and philosophy were translated into Arabic. (Source)

Amira Bennison Gutas is very keen to flag up the role of the caliphs as patrons committed to an intellectual project. (Source)

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