Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance

From the National Magazine Award-winning Runner’s World columnist, frequent New Yorker online contributor, and Cambridge-trained physicist: a fascinating and definitive exploration of the extraordinary science of human endurance and the secrets of human performance, for fans of The Sports Gene, Born to Run, and Grit.

From running a two-hour marathon to summiting Mount Everest, we’re fascinated by the extremes of human endurance, constantly testing both our physical and psychological limits.

How high or far or fast can humans go?...

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Malcolm Gladwell Writer & JournalistThis book is AMAZING! (Source)

Bear Grylls Adventurer, author, survival instructorIf you want to gain insight into the mind of great athletes, adventurers, and peak performers then prepare to be enthralled by Alex Hutchinson’s Endure. (Source)

Adam Grant Reveals how we can all surpass our perceived physical limits. (Source)

Alexander Stubb @sweatscience @thejensie @glukasik1 My pleasure. Your book put many pieces together. A must read for all #Mamil:s. (Source)

Dan Waldschmidt Today I talk about an awesome new book I just read called --> ENDURE. It is the very essence of commitment. SO... What are your personal limit breakers? What's the overwhelming thing that helps you break past your limits?  Can you sum it up in one word? https://t.co/8r1JTv2C0S (Source)

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