Young Money

Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street's Post-Crash Recruits

Ranked #54 in Investment Banking

Becoming a young Wall Street banker is like pledging the world's most lucrative and soul-crushing fraternity.

Every year, thousands of eager college graduates are hired by the world's financial giants, where they're taught the secrets of making obscene amounts of money-- as well as how to dress, talk, date, drink, and schmooze like real financiers.

Young Money is the inside story of this well-guarded world. Kevin Roose, New York magazine business writer and author of the critically acclaimed The Unlikely Disciple, spent more than three years shadowing...

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Deepak Chhugani For those interested in starting their career as investment bankers like I did, I’d highly recommend reading Young Money by Kevin Roose before joining. There are tons of people who go into the industry and truly hate it, but I’d argue that reading this book and/or talking with others in the industry beforehand will prepare you for the reality of what life can be like (Source)

Malcolm Harris He makes clear that that’s what the system is designed to capture, they’re looking for generic achievers: those who have not lost at anything, who are good at winning. (Source)

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