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This is the first complete, one-volume English translation of the ancient Chinese text Xunzi, one of the most extensive, sophisticated, and elegant works in the tradition of Confucian thought. Through essays, poetry, dialogues, and anecdotes, the Xunzi presents a more systematic vision of the Confucian ideal than the fragmented sayings of Confucius and Mencius, articulating a Confucian perspective on ethics, politics, warfare, language, psychology, human nature, ritual, and music, among other topics. Aimed at general readers and students of Chinese thought, Eric Hutton's translation makes the... more

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Michael Puett Xunzi is a self-proclaimed Confucian. This book consists of philosophical essays on specific topics. (Source)

Daniel A. Bell His view of Confucianism was pretty marginalised in theory but in practice it was quite influential throughout imperial Chinese history. (Source)

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