War Doctor

Surgery on the Front Line

Ranked #1 in Emergency Medicine, Ranked #78 in Medicine

For more than 25 years, surgeon David Nott has volunteered in some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones. From Sarajevo under siege in 1993 to clandestine hospitals in rebel-held eastern Aleppo, he has carried out lifesaving operations in the most challenging conditions, and with none of the resources of a major metropolitan hospital. He is now widely acknowledged as the most experienced trauma surgeon in the world.

War Doctor
is his extraordinary story, encompassing his surgeries in nearly every major conflict zone since the end of the Cold War, as well...

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Isabel Hardman Bit rubbish at recommending books but have recently finished a few which are worth your while. 1. War Doctor by David Nott @NottFoundation. My god this book will move you and teach you. I find the medical world fascinating and loved the accounts of surgical procedures... (Source)

Pam Ayres I am currently reading this book by David Nott and finding it a jaw-dropping, inspiring read. It is fascinating insight into an unknown world. Also, having scrutinised and absorbed the medical detail, I now feel ready to tackle any surgical procedure large or small. https://t.co/hBltDRqDLL (Source)

Pan Macmillan ✨ @Waterstones Non-Fiction Book of the Month for January 2020 ✨ @NottFoundation's War Doctor is a powerful account of his time spent performing life-saving operations in the most challenging conditions. https://t.co/U6aCc5BGWH https://t.co/pzU0bzTpLm (Source)

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