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Market corrections are as constant as seasons are in nature. There have been 30 such corrections in the past 30 years, yet there's never been an action plan for how not only to survive, but thrive through each change in the stock market.

Building upon the principles in Money: Master the Game, Robbins offers the reader specific steps they can implement to protect their investments while maximizing their wealth. It's a detailed guide designed for investors, articulated in the common-sense, practical manner that the millions of loyal Robbins fans and students have come to...

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Dean Roller Question: What book are you currently reading and what are you expecting to gain from it? Answer: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins, I am fascinated about investing and hope to gain insights on the best path to compound wealth for the long run. (Source)

Madalina Uceanu The second category of books would be related to self awareness and keeping a positive approach to life generally, which I think makes a lot of difference in the way you create your professional path as well. Here you can either go more on the NLP approach and watch Tony Robbins interventions, or more towards the spiritual path, maybe at a later stage and read Wayne Dyer's books. (Source)

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