Twist, Turn & Tie 50 Japanese Kumihimo Braids

A Beginner's Guide to Making Braids for Beautiful Cord Jewelry

Ranked #46 in Macrame, Ranked #73 in Knot

The traditional Japanese art of cord braiding--known as kumihimo-- has been around for centuries. The technique, which uses a loom and several strands of silk thread, was once used to create the strong, slender cords that reinforced samurai warrior armor. Today, it is primarily used to make beautiful, color-drenched cords for jewelry and other decorative items. In "Twist, Turn, & Tie 50 Japanese Kumihimo Braids," readers will get everything they need to get started in this ancient craft, including a mini braiding loom! They'll also find:
An overview of tools and materials from looms...

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