The Sword in the Stone

Ranked #8 in Arthurian, Ranked #55 in Legendsee more rankings.

"Learn. That is the only thing that never fails."--Merlyn the Wizard

Before there was a famous king named Arthur, there was a curious boy named Wart and a kind old wizard named Merlyn. Transformed by Merlyn into the forms of his fantasy, Wart learns the value of history from a snake, of education from a badger, and of courage from a hawk--the lessons that help turn a boy into a man. Together, Wart and Merlyn take the reader through this timeless story of childhood and adventure--The Sword in the Stone.

T.H. White's classic tale of the young Arthur's questioning and...

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Cressida Cowell The Sword in the Stone was a favourite of mine. It all comes down to character. (Source)

Atul Butte @ZachWeiner The Once and Future King. Awesome book, can't forget the lessons 35 years later. (Source)

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