The Island at the End of Everything

Ranked #48 in Butterfly

Shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards and the Blue Peter Book Awards 2017

From the author of the bestselling tale The Girl of Ink & Stars comes a beautiful new adventure about finding your way home.

There are some places you would not want to go. Even if I told you that we have oceans filled with sea turtles and dolphins, or forests lush with parrots that call through air thick with warmth... Nobody comes here because they want to.
The island of no return.

Ami lives with her mother on an island where the sea is as blue as the...

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Rachel Hickman A captivating novel set on a tropical island that is used as a leper colony. (Source)

Zoe Greaves Author Kiran Millwood Hargrave, started off as a poet. She writes books that feel like they’ve been around forever, and she’s only in her mid-20s. So she’s precociously brilliant. Her books are objects of excellence. (Source)

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