The Death of Expertise

The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters

Ranked #67 in Democracy

The rise of the internet and other technology has made information more easily-accessible than ever before. While this has had the positive effect of equalizing access to knowledge, it also has lowered the bar on what depth of knowledge is required to consider oneself an "expert." A cult of anti-expertise sentiment has coincided with anti-intellectualism, resulting in massively viral yet poorly informed debates ranging from the anti-vaccination movement to attacks on GMOs. This surge in intellectual egalitarianism has altered the landscape of debates-all voices are equal, and "fact" is a... more

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Mark Manson Founder/MarkManson.netWith our modern obsessions of freedom and equality and happiness, Nichols argues that we’ve taken these rights and applied them to a domain where they don’t belong: truth. People feel “the right” to have their opinions and beliefs respected, even though they are not qualified, have no credentials or offer no expertise. Pundits on TV claim that their beliefs that climate change doesn’t exist, or that vaccinations are harmful, are just as valid — and should be respected just as much — as their scientific counterparts. Nichols’ blame is scattershot. Everything from the usual internet gripes, to... (Source)

Jim Hanson @RadioFreeTom wrote a book called the Death of Expertise He proves it by pushing the absurd notion @realDonaldTrump is a Russian agent/asset or something since the 80s The only "proof" is contacts common to intl business & no direct handling by anyone Brilliant (Source)

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