The Canti

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Leopardi's rejection of the Catholicism of his childhood and Enlightenment optimism gives his work a contemporary feel. In J.G. Nichols's translations we grasp the consistent strain of thought in writing, including a biography woven of Leopardi's own words. less

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Dacia Maraini I canti is a collection of poems with an idea that coincides with my idea of life. In Italy we have many classics which are Catholic, for example Dante, a wonderful poet. But I prefer Leopardi because he doesn’t have this Catholic idea of guilt and punishment. Leopardi doesn’t believe in another world, paradise or hell and he has a deep relationship with nature. One of the most beautiful poems is ‘Un pastore errante nell’Asia’, ‘A shepherd wandering in Asia’, in which he speaks with the moon and he says: ‘Cosa fai, tu, luna in cielo, che fai?’ ‘What do you do, moon in the sky, what do you... (Source)

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