The Book of Merlyn (The Once and Future King #5)

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Ranked #13 in Arthurian, Ranked #72 in Legend

Once upon a time, there was a mighty king who inspired a country and its people with his chivalrous deeds. From the kingdom of Camelot, he forged a civilized nation dedicated to peace and justice, enforced by the honorable knights of the Round Table. But her could not quell the darkness within man's heart--nor his own--and deceit and treachery among those he trusted most led to his undoing.

Now, a despondent shadow of his former self, ruling a land on the precipice of ruin, King Arthur awaits his fate on the battlefield against his illegitimate son Mordred. And in the king's most...

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Atul Butte @ZachWeiner The Once and Future King. Awesome book, can't forget the lessons 35 years later. (Source)

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