The Bacteria Book

The Big World of Really Tiny Microbes

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In this fun, fact-packed science book for kids, young readers will discover the bacteria, viruses, and other germs and microbes that keep our bodies and our world running, as well as how and when they can be harmful and the precautions we can take to prevent them from becoming so.

Meet a glowing squid, traveling fungus spores, and much more. The Bacteria Book walks the line between "ew, gross!" and "oh, cool!," exploring why we need bacteria and introducing readers to its microbial mates--viruses, fungi, algae, archaea, and protozoa.

The Bacteria...

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Sheila Rowan Some parts of it are just fascinating. I was looking at the eyelash mites earlier, with this wonderful picture of the tails of the little mites sticking out of a follicle. As adults, we often don’t like to think about the slightly grosser side of things, but that’s life, it’s our life and it’s important to understand it. And the book has got wonderful, wonderful pictures. (Source)

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