Romance, Emotion, and Erotica Writers' Phrase Book

Essential Reference and Thesaurus for Authors of All Romantic Fiction, including Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Science Fiction and Suspense

Ranked #43 in Erotica Romance, Ranked #97 in Romantic Erotica

Instantly write better romance! Contains over 3,000 sizzling ways to describe flirting, romance, and making mad, passionate love! Not only that, but it shares how to have your characters experience a full range of wild emotions, everything from the heartfelt to the heart-rending. Use it anytime you need to spice up a romantic subplot or sex scene in any genre (not just romance!). This book will teach you the secret language today's top-selling romance writers use to craft their hottest scenes. And unlike other romance writing books, this one includes sections on paranormal and science fiction... more

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