Rock Chick Reckoning (Rock Chick, #6)

Ranked #6 in Kristen Ashley, Ranked #25 in Action Romancesee more rankings.

Stella’s the lead singer and lead guitarist of the Blue Moon Gypsies and Stella used to be Mace’s girl. Mace broke up with her though and the loss of him rocked her world. But Stella gets a call, late at night (again) from one of the members of her crazy band. She has to go play clean up (again) and runs into Mace (and a shed load of police) and ends up getting shot.

Mace finds he doesn’t like it much that his ex-girlfriend got shot, right in front of him but it’s worse. A very bad man has thrown down the gauntlet and ALL the Rock Chicks are in the firing line. Stella doesn’t want...

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