Rage Becomes Her

The Power of Women's Anger

Ranked #40 in Civics, Ranked #55 in Feminismsee more rankings.

A transformative book urging twenty-first century-women to embrace their anger and harness it as a tool for lasting personal and societal change.

Women are angry, and it isn’t hard to figure out why.

We are underpaid and overworked. Too sensitive, or not sensitive enough. Too dowdy or too made-up. Too big or too thin. Sluts or prudes. We are harassed, told we are asking for it, and asked if it would kill us to smile. Yes, yes it would.

Contrary to the rhetoric of popular “self-help” and an entire lifetime of being told otherwise, our rage is one of the...

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Abir Ghattas That moment when @schemaly likes your posts! @Jafrasha & I started #HammamTalks a women talk-show inspired by Soraya Chemaly's work and her great book "Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger". https://t.co/D5PFRdfvMR (Source)

April Wensel Compassion can be fierce! Women’s anger can be a powerful force for good. “Anger is the emotion that best protects us against danger, unfairness, and injustice…” For more on this, check out @GreaterGoodSC’s article about the book Rage Becomes Her. https://t.co/SIwBbm7mmF (Source)

Feminist Next Door @sheologian @LucieGarciaP Fantastic book @schemaly (Source)

Bidisha This is an invigorating, witty, inspiring book which reclaims women’s anger and energy for the next round of feminist activism in the 21st century. (Source)

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