Norton's Star Atlas and Reference Handbook and Reference Handbook

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Generations of amateur astronomers have called it simply Norton's: the most famous star atlas in the world. Now in a beautifully redesigned, two-color landmark 20th edition, this combination star atlas and reference guide has no match in the field.

First published in 1910, prompted by the appearance of Halley's Comet, Norton's owes much of its legendary success to its unique maps, arranged in slices or gores, each covering approximately one-fifth of the sky. Accompanying and complimenting the charts is a succinct descriptive and tabulated accounting of astronomical knowledge and...

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Andrew Lawrence I thought it would be nice to have something that isn’t just grand theories and armchair stuff, but something that is really helpful. It is a kind of field guide – the amateur astronomer’s bible. Professional astronomers like it too. It is a little bit like an ordnance survey map of astronomy. People love it for the same reason, because it is both practical and beautiful. It has got maps of the sky and useful information about how to do your observing and so on. The maps are just beautifully done. They are incredibly clear so people love staring at them in the same way that many people love... (Source)

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