Most Dangerous

Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War

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Ranked #19 in 2015, Ranked #33 in Vietnam War

In 1964, Daniel Ellsberg was one of the Pentagon insiders helping to plan a war in Vietnam. The mountainous Asian country had long been a clandestine front in America's Cold War with the Soviet Union. The U.S. Government would do anything to stop the spread of communism--with or without the consent of the American people.

But as the fighting in Vietnam escalated. Ellsberg turned against the war. He had access to a top-secret government report known as the Pentagon Papers and knew it could blow the lid off of years of government lies. But did he have the right to expose decades of...

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Marc Favreau Steve Sheinkin is one of the most prolific and talented writers at work today. Sheinkin ingeniously uses Ellsberg’s quirks and his life story to give readers a unique look at America’s involvement in Vietnam. He does it as well as any adult writer could have handled this material. (Source)

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