Mini Habits

Smaller Habits, Bigger Results (Mini Habits, #1)

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I had experimented with personal development strategies for a decade. When I accidentally started my first mini habit—and the changes I made were actually lasting—I realized the prior strategies I relied on were complete failures. When something works, that which doesn't work is exposed. The science in Mini Habits exposes the predictably inconsistent results of most popular personal growth strategies, and reveals why mini habits are consistent.

A mini habit is a very small positive behavior that you force yourself to do every day; a mini habit's "too small to fail" nature makes it...

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Anoop Anthony I would say it was Stephen Guise's book "Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results." The title sounds like one of those formulaic self-help books, of which there are hundreds. But this one's different. Guise has derived a somewhat counter-intuitive approach to building habits and tackling hard projects. He suggests that we fail in bringing about personal change because we set the bar too high. He proposes an alternate approach that at first sounds a little weird — build 'mini-habits', (ludicrously) microscopic versions of the habits or projects you want to adopt. He dwells deep into the... (Source)

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