Like a Love Story

Ranked #82 in LGBT

It's 1989 in New York City, and for three teens, the world is changing.

Reza is an Iranian boy who has just moved to the city with his mother to live with his stepfather and stepbrother. He's terrified that someone will guess the truth he can barely acknowledge about himself. Reza knows he's gay, but all he knows of gay life are the media's images of men dying of AIDS.

Judy is an aspiring fashion designer who worships her uncle Stephen, a gay man with AIDS who devotes his time to activism as a member of ACT UP. Judy has never imagined finding romance...until she falls...

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Yashar Ali 2. This blurb about “Like A Love Story” is so perfect. Trust me when I say you’ll love this book. It’s so wonderful. @Abdaddy I’m so, so proud of you. (Source)

Mary Burkey set in 1980s New York and is about a teenage boy from Iran who is grappling with being gay in the midst of the HIV/AIDS crisis. (Source)

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