Learn Ruby the Hard Way

A Simple and Idiomatic Introduction to the Imaginative World of Computational Thinking with Code

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Master Ruby and become a programmer -- even if you never thought you could! This breakthrough book and CD can help practically anyone get started in programming. It's called "The Hard Way," but it's really quite simple. What's "hard" is this: it requires discipline, practice, and persistence. Zed A. Shaw teaches Ruby through a series of brilliantly-crafted exercises -- all formatted consistently, and none longer than two pages (including "extra credit"). Just read them, type in their sample code precisely (no copy-and-paste!), and make the programs run. As you read, type, fix your mistakes,... more

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Auston Bunsen I’m actually a self-taught programmer, so these books have really helped me with practical skills that I could put to use & yield results. The return on investment for these kinds of books is off the charts for me! (Source)

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