Lady of Mazes

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Ranked #90 in Augmented Reality

Karl Schroeder is one of the new stars of hard SF. His novels, Ventus and Permanence, have established him as a new force in the field. Now he extends his reach into Larry Niven territory, returning to the same distant future in which Ventus was set, but employing a broader canvas, to tell the story of Teven Coronal, a ringworld with a huge multiplicity of human civilizations. Brilliant but troubled Livia Kodaly is Teven's only hope against invaders both human and superhuman who would destroy its fragile ecologies and human diversity. Filled with action, ideas, and... more

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Meltem Demirors 2/ highly recommend this great sci fi book about culture and belief, social consensus, and different states of reality read here (or download since no DRM) 👉🏾 (Source)

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