Jesus' Son


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The unnamed narrator in Jesus' Son lives through a car wreck and a heroin overdose. Is he blessed? He cheats, lies, steals--but possesses a child's (or a mystic's) uncanny way of expressing the bare essence of things around him. In its own strange and luminous way, this linked collection of short fiction does the same. The stories follow characters who are seemingly marginalized beyond hope, drifting through a narcotic haze of ennui, failed relationships, and petty crime. In "Dundun" the narrator decides to take a shooting victim to the hospital, though not for the usual reasons: "I... more

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James Altucher Founder/StockPickrThere was a movie about it and it's a beautiful collection of short stories about this total drug addict. (Source)

Jim Shepard What I love about Denis’s fiction is the way it’s populated by people who are marginal. His characters are like truants from life. (Source)

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