Good Talk

A Memoir in Conversations

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Mira Jacob's touching, often humorous, and utterly unique graphic memoir takes readers on her journey as a first-generation American. At an increasingly fraught time for immigrants and their families, Good Talk delves into the difficult conversations about race, sex, love, and family that seem to be unavoidable these days.

Inspired by her popular BuzzFeed piece "37 Difficult Questions from My Mixed-Raced Son," here are Jacob's responses to her six-year-old, Zakir, who asks if the new president hates brown boys like him; uncomfortable relationship advice from her...

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Mark Athitakis Good Talk is less of a straight narrative of experience and more a collage of experiences, dealing with Mira Jacob’s efforts to help her biracial son navigate the world that he’s been born into, filtered through her experiences as a writer growing up in an Indian family . . . It uses the graphic form to talk about difficult subjects in a way that is non-didactic, and really inviting. It’s just a pleasure to look at as well because she is a wonderful artist on top of everything else. (Source)

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