Dirty Plotte

The Complete Julie Doucet

An enduring collection of revolutionary comics from a genre-transforming and critically acclaimed cartoonist

Julie Doucet arrived in comics in the 1990s as a fully formed cartoonist. Her comic book series Dirty Plotte was visionary both for the medium and for storytelling. Her stories are candid, funny and intimate, plumbing the depths of the female psyche while charting the fragility of the men around her. Her artwork is dense and confident, never wavering in the wit and humour of its owner. Doucet was active in comics for fifteen years before she moved on to other...

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Amanda Palmer I only read one comic when I was young. It was this. It changed everything. (Source)

Hillary Chute Julie is widely revered by all sorts of people, so the publication of the Complete Julie Doucet in a box set composed of two hardcover volumes was a huge event in the world of comics. (Source)

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