Blindsight (Firefall, #1)

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Two months since the stars fell.
Two months since sixty-five thousand alien objects clenched around Earth like a luminous fist, screaming to the heavens as the atmosphere burned them to ash. Two months since that moment of brief, bright surveillance by agents unknown.
Two months of silence while a world holds its breath.
Now some half-derelict space probe hears a whisper from the edge of the solar system: a faint signal sweeping the cosmos like a lighthouse beam. Whatever's out there isn't talking to us. It's talking to some distant star, perhaps. Or perhaps to something...

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Ben Brode People on Twitter care a lot about books, apparently! I just finished Blindsight by Peter Watts - was totally insane. If you love super dense hard sci fi, there’s a lot of crazy concepts to chew on. Also, space vampires. (This should not be your first sci fi book!!) (Source)

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