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Recommended by Tom Critchlow, and 1 others.

Tom CritchlowThis is a magical little book. Bewitching and powerful in it's influence. (Source)

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Satin Island

Short-listed for the Man Booker Prize
A New York Magazine Best Book of the Year

In Satin Island, Tom McCarthy--the acclaimed, Man Booker Prize-nominated author of Remainder and C--captures the way we experience our world and our efforts to find meaning in the narratives we think of as our lives. U., a "corporate anthropologist," is tasked with preparing the Great Report, an all-encompassing ethnographic document that sums up our era. Yet at every turn, he feels himself overwhelmed by the ubiquity of data. But just as U. begins to...
Recommended by Tom Critchlow, and 1 others.

Tom Critchlow@hannah_bo_banna Yes! Love all this rambling (more please!). The future and the past are the same thing through two different lenses. And corporate histories are fascinating things. I'd recommend the book Satin Island where the above quote comes from - fun exploration of some of these ideas. (Source)

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A fascinating meditation on life as a contest of games to be completed and games to be continued--and on what lies beyond winning and losing. less

Jane McGonigalIt’s basically a book about games, but then it turns out it’s about the meaning of life. (Source)

Tom Critchlow@fkpxls Also it made me think of analogies to finite and infinite games. Have you read that book? If not you might enjoy it! (Source)

Kevin KellyGave me a mathematical framework for my own spirituality. (Source)

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