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Fifty million people in the world today are victims of forced relocation caused by wars and violence. Whole new countries are being created, occupied by Afghan refugees, displaced Columbians, deported Rwandans, exiled Congolese, fleeing Iraqis, Chechens, Somalians and Sudanese who have witnessed wars, massacres, aggression and terror.

New populations appear, defined by their shared conditions of fear and victimhood and by their need to survive outside of their homelands. Their lives are marked by the daily trudge of dislocation, refugee camps, humanitarian help and the never-ending wait....

Recommended by Shahram Khosravi, and 1 others.

Shahram KhosraviI like this book very much, because it’s short and illustrates the situation of displaced people very well. (Source)

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Servants of Globalization is a poignant and often troubling study of migrant Filipina domestic workers who leave their own families behind to do the mothering and caretaking work of the global economy in countries throughout the world. It specifically focuses on the emergence of parallel lives among such workers in the cities of Rome and Los Angeles, two main destinations for Filipina migration.

The book is largely based on interviews with domestic workers, but the book also powerfully portrays the larger economic picture as domestic workers from developing countries...
Recommended by Shahram Khosravi, and 1 others.

Shahram KhosraviRefugees are identified with misery and problems. It affects how we treat them and restricts their ability to integrate. (Source)

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The Rights of Others

This book explores the tension between universal principles of human rights and the self-determination claims of sovereign states as they affect the claims of refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants. Drawing on the work of Kant's "cosmopolitan doctrine" and positions developed by Hannah Arendt, Seyla Benhabib explores how the topic has been analyzed within the larger history of political thought. She argues that many of the issues raised in abstract debate between universalism and multiculturalism can find acceptable solutions in practice. less
Recommended by Shahram Khosravi, and 1 others.

Shahram KhosraviYou can see traces in the Old Testament of the concept of cities of refuge and how to treat a stranger. (Source)

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The Suffering of the Immigrant

This book is a major contribution to our understanding of the condition of the immigrant and it will transform the reader's understanding of the issues surrounding immigration. Sayad's book will be widely used in courses on race, ethnicity, immigration and identity in sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, politics and geography.

an outstanding and original work on the experience of immigration and the kind of suffering involved in living in a society and culture which is not one's own;
describes how immigrants are compelled, out of respect for themselves and the group...
Recommended by Shahram Khosravi, and 1 others.

Shahram KhosraviThe causes of migration are very important for knowing about the consequences of migration. (Source)

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