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Head of Venture Capital fund Bloomberg Beta

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Bloomberg Technology reporter Emily Chang confronts Silicon Valley's rampant sexism, excluding women from the greatest wealth creation of our generation.

Silicon Valley has long prided itself on being the land of opportunity, where anyone with a big idea can make it a reality, and where the new Masters of the Universe change the world for the better. But the bitter truth is that women have been excluded, marginalized, and harassed from the start. Sexism and the gender gap in Silicon Valley are only getting worse. It's not a utopia - it's a...
Recommended by Aaron Levie, Roy Bahat, and 2 others.

Aaron LevieIncredible book that every startup founder (and investor and everyone else) should read! Great work @emilychangtv (Source)

Roy BahatOur colleague explains how we got here—so we can fix it. (Source)

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