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Is Donald Trump running the “longest con” in U.S. history?

What will be left of America when he leaves office?

Candidate Trump sold Americans a vision that was seemingly at odds with their country’s founding principles. Now in office, he’s put up a “for sale” sign—on the prestige of the presidency, on America’s global stature, and on our national identity. At what cost have these deals come? The Man Who Sold America delivers an urgent accounting of our national crisis from one of our foremost political commentators.

Three years ago, Donald Trump...

Jill Winebanks@mariebgonzales1 @BarbMcQuade @JoyceWhiteVance @JoyAnnReid @maddow .@JoyAnnReid is always excellent on air and her new book is a great read. #TheManWhoSoldAmerica. (Source)

Rashad RobinsonEnjoyed this @salon conversation between @joyannreid and @DeanObeidallah. Joy’s book, The Man Who Sold America is a reminder of everything that happened during Trump’s campaign and puts it in context. It’s a must-read. (Source)

Ryan KnightTrump⁩ is attacking ⁦@JoyAnnReid⁩ this morning because she wrote a book called “The Man Who Sold America” that chronicles his corruption. Below is a link to order her new book. Let’s send it to #1 on the best seller list. (Source)

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A renowned investigative journalist exposes the unchecked power of the prosecutor as a driving force in America's mass incarceration crisis, and also offers a way out.

The American criminal justice system is supposed to be a contest between two equal adversaries, the prosecution and the defense, with judges ensuring a fair fight. But in practice, it is prosecutors who have the upper hand, in a contest that is far from equal. More than anyone else, prosecutors decide who goes free and who goes to prison, and even who lives and who dies. The system wasn't designed for this...
Recommended by David Plotz, Rashad Robinson, and 2 others.

David PlotzWhat a fantastic and well deserved review for @emilybazelon great new book (Source)

Rashad RobinsonElected leaders cannot be rewarded for putting as many Black bodies in jail as possible. This book by @emilybazelon about how politicians used “tough on crime” policies to further their careers, at the expense of Black communities, is a must-read. (Source)

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