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A guide to attracting, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the best technical talent.

A comprehensive system for hiring top-notch technical employees Packed with useful information and specific advice written in a breezy, humorous style Learn how to find great people--and get them to work for you--in an afternoon!
The top software developers are ten times more productive than average developers. Ten times. You can't afford not to hire them. But if you haven't been reading Joel Spolsky's books or blog, you probably don't know how to find...

Adam TornhillThe book spans a broad field and it's obvious that many things, like the location of your company, are beyond the control of most managers and technical interviewers. Joel recognizes this and gives solid and honest no-nonsense advices. Like all of Joel's writings this book is humorous, interesting and a true joy to read. I tend to disagree quite often with Joel's technical opinions, but on the... (Source)

Ivan BjelajacThis book is a must read for anyone that wants to hire people that will work on creative jobs, technical or not, but almost all examples are for software companies that build software products. You will not find much practical advice for hiring staff for you non-IT company IT department. (Source)

Mark FosterDespite some of my misgivings I think this book is worth the money especially if you don’t have any of the Joel on Software books already. There are many helpful tips including where to go looking for candidates, how to help employees feel at home in your organization, and how to turn around an existing team that is on the rocks. (Source)

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