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If you're like most of us, you spend your whole damn life working for everyone else: the bank, your spouse, or your kids - it's rare that you carve out some time to stop and focus on the vitally important questions. You know, the one's that are critical, but not urgent, like: "Why am I still in this job? Wasn't this supposed to be a stepping-stone? Why do some people seem to be doing better financially than me? Will I end up eating home-brand bangers and watching Family Feud in retirement?Am I on the right path?"Together we're going to answer these questions. I'll give you a step-by-step plan... more
Recommended by Kate Kendall, Turia Pitt, and 2 others.

Kate Kendall@KatLoughrey @Hostplus is great and not just for hospitality workers. I made the switch last year. For many years, it’s been ranked the number one performing superfund in Oz. You should also check out @barefootinvestr book for some tips. 👌 (Source)

Turia PittIf [people] want to turn their finances around, I give them [this book]. (Source)

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