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Juliet 'Kego Poetry4changeYou can listen to this while in Traffic...especially for residents of Las Gidi😂 In 2020: LISTEN TO, OR READ ONE BOOK PER WEEK🙏 "The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, The African", Written By Himself (1745-1797) https://t.co/vauzIZ7Vpo (Source)

David OlusogaThis is a unique and really special book, a full-length autobiography of a man who experienced every aspect of what slavery was. (Source)

Francisco BethencourtThe book showed how a former slave could be highly sensitive, emotional, articulate, with the right values. It created a totally different dynamic for the abolitionist movement. (Source)

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Juliet 'Kego Poetry4changeA Pulitzer-winning book: The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love by Oscar Hijuelos A film adaptation starring Banderas, Assante (1992) [It missed some key parts of the book] Hauntingly, beautiful soundtrack.. Immigrants, dreams, family, heartbreak and love https://t.co/ApyFhu63Di (Source)

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