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Praised by media and political figures including Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, and Katie Couric, Shannon Watts—"the NRA’s Worst Nightmare”—tells the inspiring story of how a rallying call-to-action grew into a powerful movement to protect children from America’s epidemic of gun violence, and offers lessons for others who want to make a difference in their community.

On the morning of December 14, 2012, stay-at-home-mom Shannon Watts was folding laundry when the news broke that there had been a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Along with the world, Watts watched horrifying...
Recommended by Julianne Moore, Chris Fralic, and 2 others.

Julianne MooreI went to barnesandnoble today buy my copy of #FightLikeAMother Did you buy your copy yet? Let’s make this book a best seller! #ShannonWatts “explores the unique power of women to enact change” - she has also been… (Source)

Chris FralicIncredible book and back story @shannonrwatts - keep up the great work with @MomsDemand (Source)

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