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A Soldier of the Great War

From acclaimed novelist Mark Helprin, a lush, literary epic about love, beauty, and the world at war.

Alessandro Giuliani, the young son of a prosperous Roman lawyer, enjoys an idyllic life full of privilege: he races horses across the country to the sea, he climbs mountains in the Alps, and, while a student of painting at the ancient university in Bologna, he falls in love. Then the Great War intervenes. Half a century later, in August of 1964, Alessandro, a white-haired professor, tall and proud, meets an illiterate young factory worker on the road. As they walk toward Monte...
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Jj Macnab@DanaSarrasin The problem with reading A Soldier of the Great War is that, when you're done, it's hard to choose your next book. Realistically, you're going to be disappointed. (Source)

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