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The inside story of the battle to control Congress and the unsparing fight for advantage in the 2018 midterm elections

With control of both the House and Senate up for grabs in 2018 and the direction of the nation resting on the outcome, never has a more savage, unrelenting fight been waged in the raptor cage that is the U.S. congress. From the torrid struggle between the conservative Freedom Caucus and Speaker Paul Ryan for control of the House, to the sexual assault accusations against Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that threw the Senate into turmoil, to the...

Jim VandeheiDigging to great book by @JakeSherman and @apalmerdc - great reporting, great insight - worthy of your time — The Hill to Die On: The Battle for Congress and the Future of Trump's America... via @amazon (Source)

Rob BlueyGreat interview! The book is a fantastic read about Trump's first two years in Washington from the perspective of Capitol Hill. Highly recommend it. (Source)

Yashar AliInteresting exchange between The Trumps & Paul Ryan featured in @JakeSherman @apalmerdc’s book “The Hill To Die On” Trump: “You’re also kind of religious, aren’t you?” Melania: “You’re like Mike on that, aren’t you?” Book is out tomorrow Order here: (Source)

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