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"Full of fascinating characters, deeds of heroic daring . . . [a] powerful book."--New York Times

One of the last secrets of World War II is why the Germans failed to build an atomic bomb. Germany was the birthplace of modern physics; it possessed the raw materials and the industrial base; and it commanded key intellectual resources. What happened?

In Heisenberg's War, Thomas Powers tells of the interplay between science and espionage, morality and military necessity, and paranoia and cool logic that marked the German bomb program and the...
Recommended by Jim Baggott, and 1 others.

Jim BaggottThese were just fascinating events. You look around at some of the physicists today, can you imagine them going through experiences like that? (Source)

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Recommended by Jim Baggott, and 1 others.

Jim BaggottYou can’t have a conversation about quantum theory without introducing some arguments and points that are really philosophical in nature. (Source)

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Since the death of Albert Einstein in 1955 there have been many books and articles written about the man and a number of attempts to "explain" relativity. In this new major work Abraham Pais, himself an eminent physicist who worked alongside Einstein in the post-war years, traces the development of Einstein's entire oeuvre. This is the first book which deal comprehensively and in depth with Einstein's science, both the successes and the failures.

Running through the book is a completely non-scientific biography (identified in the table of contents by italic type) including many...
Recommended by Jim Al-Khalili, Jim Baggott, and 2 others.

Jim Al-KhaliliThis book was the first time I had a really good look behind the iconic Einstein, the Einstein as an old man sticking his tongue out, holding his trousers up with a piece of cord. (Source)

Jim BaggottIt’s a scientific biography, not necessarily about Einstein the person, although there’s a lot of personal stuff in it. (Source)

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Asimov's New Guide to Science

Asimov tells the stories behind the science: the men and women who made the important discoveries and how they did it. Ranging from Galilei, Achimedes, Newton and Einstein, he takes the most complex concepts and explains it in such a way that a first-time reader on the subject feels confident on his/her understanding. less
Recommended by Jim Baggott, and 1 others.

Jim BaggottIt’s very much written for the layman…if you just want a broad introduction…then it’s a really good place to start (Source)

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Quantum Physics

Illusion or Reality?

The concept of Quantum Physics led Einstein to state that "God does not play dice." The difficulty he, and others, had with Quantum Physics was the great conceptual leap it requires taking from conventional ways of thinking about the physical world. Alastair Rae's introductory exploration into this area has been hailed as a "masterpiece of clarity" and is an engaging guide to the theories offered. This revised edition contains a new chapter covering theories developed during the past decade. Alastair Rae has been a Lecturer, a Senior Lecturer, then Reader in Quantum Physics in the School of... more
Recommended by Jim Baggott, Vlatko Vedral, and 2 others.

Jim BaggottAn excellent introduction to the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment. (Source)

Vlatko VedralThis is a completely popular book about quantum physics: there is not a single equation in there, I think. What he does is to go through all the major ways in which we try to understand quantum physics, all the major interpretations. It’s extremely good in that he writes in a very objective way and it’s very difficult to tell which one he supports. It’s very passionately argued as well, and it’s... (Source)

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