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Harness your company's incumbent advantages to win the digital disruption game

Goliath's Revenge is the practical guide for how executives and aspiring leaders of established companies can run the Silicon Valley playbook for themselves and capitalize on digital disruption. Technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, blockchain, and immersive experiences are changing the basis of competition in every industry. New competitors are emerging while traditional ones are falling behind.

Periods of intense change provide remarkable...
Recommended by Jan Zijderveld, Adam Grant, and 2 others.

Jan ZijderveldDigital disruption is now the norm, with the consumer in the driver seat. Goliath's Revenge can help leaders realise their digital ambitions. (Source)

Adam GrantWill your business be disrupted? Definitely. Do the disruptors have to be a small band of hackers in a garage? Definitely not. This book is full of practical tips for big companies to get a leg up on scrappy startups. (Source)

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