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The life and death saga of one of history’s greatest storm chasers: a tour-de-force tale of obsession, ingenuity, and the race to understand nature’s fiercest phenomenon—the tornado.

“An instant classic of Americana.” —Hampton Sides
“Many a novel is not written this memorably.” The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Masterful. This is what man versus nature is all about.” —Skip Hollandsworth
“Hargrove is one today’s great science writers.” —The Washington Post

At the turn of the twenty-first century, the tornado was...
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Ian LivingstonI hope I don’t get in trouble... but I had to share this clip of @BrantHargrove awesome new (Apr 3) book “The Man Who Caught the Storm.” You known when it’s authentic. ;) @BrendansWeather (yes I write in my books sorry) (Source)

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