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A memoir of the haunting legacy of the trauma of the Holocaust and the meaning of familial identity by a man who must figure out who he is in the wake of a life-changing revelation about his own lineage

Adam Frankel’s Bubbie and Zayde, his mother’s parents, were Holocaust survivors—a fact he’s lived with his entire life. But they were more than that, too. Zayde was a watchmaker named Abraham Perecman, infamous in New Haven for his rigor and integrity. He was also, at one point, Gershon Gubersky—a Jew from a small village in eastern Europe. Bubbie was his constant...

Jon FavreauAdam is the first speechwriter I ever hired on the Obama campaign. He’s a brilliant storyteller with a big heart and you should all go read his book. https://t.co/HGHksnk9wW (Source)

Hon Patrick J MurphyBought 5 of these books to give out because Adam is That Good a writer and this book moves you. Great gift! https://t.co/raNULPR7M6 (Source)

Christina ReynoldsI've always known @apfrankel was a great writer, but this book surpassed all expectations. Quite a story, fantastically told. https://t.co/Bp5iSnNxdn (Source)

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