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The Living Company

Most companies do not survive the upheavals of change and competition over the long haul. But there are a few remarkable firms that have withstood the test of several centuries. What hidden lessons do they hold for the rest of us? Arie de Geus, the man who introduced the revolutionary concept of the learning organization, reveals the key to managing for a long and prosperous organizational life. The Living Company speaks not just to aspiring leaders, but to anyone trying to adapt to a turbulent business environment. Only those steeped in the habits of a living company will survive.... more
Recommended by Gautam Ghosh, Andrew Curry, and 2 others.

Gautam GhoshOn "how to have a thriving career", @_Kavi applies principles from one of my favorite books: Arie De Gues’s book ‘The Living Company’ (Source)

Andrew CurryI like this book for several reasons: it’s very short, so when people come into the Futures Company and say ‘what should I read to get a flavour of futures work?’ I tell them to read this. While it’s written by Arie de Geus, Art Kleiner – who’s probably the best business writer in the world – worked on it. So it’s fantastically cleanly written. (Source)

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