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Want to know what books E J Dionne recommends on their reading list? We've researched interviews, social media posts, podcasts, and articles to build a comprehensive list of E J Dionne's favorite book recommendations of all time.

From the celebrated conservative comes a rich and complex novel about one of the most conspicuous political figures in American history--Senator Joe McCarthy. less
Recommended by E J Dionne, and 1 others.

E J DionneWell, two things. One, I love William F Buckley Jr as a human being and as a presence in our public life. I was at a tribute once to Buckley and I said if I could be five per cent as effective on behalf of my own ideas as Buckley was on behalf of his, I would consider my life an enormous success. There was something about his open spirit that just appealed to me very much. (Source)

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In 1979, Peter Steinfels identified a new movement and predicted it would be the decade’s most enduring legacy to American politics. In a new Introduction he describes its evolution from a reaction to Sixties' social change into an entrenched political force promoting an assertive, even belligerent, foreign policy.

More than three decades ago, in The Neoconservatives, Peter Steinfels described a nascent movement, predicting that it would be the sixties’ “most enduring legacy to American politics.” Now, in a new foreword to that portrait, he traces neoconservatism’s...
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E J DionneGary Dorrien also had another good book on neo-cons. (Source)

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In the wake of the profound economic crisis known as the Great Depression, a group of high-powered individuals joined forces to campaign against the New Deal—not just its practical policies but the foundations of its economic philosophy. The titans of the National Association of Manufacturers and the chemicals giant DuPont, together with little-known men like W. C. Mullendore, Leonard Read, and Jasper Crane, championed European thinkers Friedrich von Hayek and Ludwig von Mises and their fears of the “nanny state.” Through fervent activism, fundraising, and institution-building, these men... more
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E J DionneAcademia, and in particular academic history, almost out of necessity runs a little behind where things are. What you’re seeing now is a flourishing of academic scholarship on American conservatism. There are a lot of young scholars and often they are people of the left – Kim Phillips-Fein is a person on the left and often the perspectives are critical and yet they are also respectful. Another... (Source)

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E J DionneI put these books on this list partly as a provocation because I realise that most of the folks picking conservative books are inside the conservative movement. Since I’m not, I thought I would pick two provocative books. (Source)

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In this revised and updated edition of what Insight magazine has called "the standard work" on the history of post -- World War II American conservatism, Nash shows how a diverse group of men became an effective intellectual force in American life. less
Recommended by Anne Heller, E J Dionne, and 2 others.

Anne HellerThe best book you could read if you want to know about the development of libertarianism and Christian conservatism. (Source)

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