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Tony Buzan knows more than a little about Mind Maps after all, he did invent them!

Often referred to as the the Swiss-army knife for the brain, Mind Maps are a ground-breaking, note-taking and mind-organising technique that has already revolutionised the lives of many millions of people around the world and taken the educational world by storm.

Now Tony Buzan is sharing the powerful techniques of mind mapping with the business world to help business professionals everywhere revolutionise the way they think and practise.

Recommended by David Sisk, and 1 others.

David SiskBusiness: Mind Maps for Business, Tony Buzan. It’s an old one at this stage but, being a more creative "ideas and images" person who looks at trends, psychology, human behaviour, and who gets bored by numbers quickly (even though part of my career was in the equities market), this was and is a great way to plan things easily for business. (Source)

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Recommended by David Sisk, and 1 others.

David SiskFor those interested in the stock markets ~G.C Selden's 1912 (yes 1912!!) The Psychology of the Stock Market. Human emotions and thought processes remain the same. Greed and fear. Even though my business is in fitness and wellness most of the books are pretty awful and I haven't been influenced by individuals in this sphere. i keep hearing younger trainers talking about bodybuilders and their... (Source)

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The Gates of Rome (Emperor, #1)

From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys
Sweeping us into a realm of tyrants and slaves, of dark intrigues and seething passions, Conn Iggulden brings us a magnificent novel of ancient Rome—and of the early years of a man who would become the most powerful ruler on earth.

In a city of grandeur and decadence, beauty and bloodshed, two boys, best friends, dream of glory in service of the mightiest empire the world has ever known. One is the son of a senator. The other is a bastard child. As young Gaius and Marcus grow to...
Recommended by Xi-Wei Yeo, David Sisk, and 2 others.

Xi-Wei YeoTo be honest, I’ve always been a fiction and fantasy reader, probably ever since I realised those weird little shapes called alphabets actually made sense in a string. I credit books like Gates of Fire, the Conqueror and Emperor series by Conn Iggulden as shaping my thoughts as a leader. (Source)

David SiskConn Iggulden's Emperor series. I always admired the Roman army's organisation, advances in strategy, technology of their war machines, etc. Also this series shows how great leaders can lead smaller units to victory through strategy, ability to adapt in situations, and better systems and communications, and training. Of course, the series also shows how material wealth and ego can make people... (Source)

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