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A poignant and moving account of the author’s search for the man his father was and the life he led as a well-known footballer, blending the personal and the historical into an unforgettable story

Stewart Imlach was an ordinary neighbourhood soccer star of his time.

A brilliant winger who thrilled the crowd on Saturdays, then worked alongside them in the off-season; who represented Scotland in the 1958 World Cup and never received a cap for his efforts; who was Man of...
Recommended by Dave Cousins, Steve Bloomfield, and 2 others.

Dave CousinsIt harks back to a time before six figure salaries, when players travelled to matches on the same bus as the fans. (Source)

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Nika and her family have settled into the UK. She is happy being part of the football team and can't wait for the summer trip to Sherburn Sands. A 7-a-side World Cup Tournament!

But when the Parrs are selected as Ukraine, things turn sour between her and JJ, who wanted to be England. Then Nika's uncle tells her about a special match that took place during World War Two...
Recommended by Dave Cousins, and 1 others.

Dave CousinsI would have loved this when I was a kid – a whole series about one team! (Source)

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Walter Tull (Tully) is one of Britain's unsung heroes.This fascinating biography tells of his life as an orphan, as a Premier League football player and finally, as an army officer during the First World War. An incredible and moving story that describes how a poor orphan became the first black officer in the British army. Non-fiction Interest age: 12+ Reading age: 7 less
Recommended by Dave Cousins, and 1 others.

Dave CousinsI chose it because as a football fan the Walter Tull story is a really important one. (Source)

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Revered as a national hero ...married to the desirable Desmerelda ...cherished by the media star, Otello, has it all. But a sensational club transfer sparks a media frenzy, and when he is wrongly implicated in a scandal, the footballer's life turns into a tragic spiral of destruction. South America's top sports journalist, Paul Faustino, witnesses the power of the media in making and breaking people's lives. less
Recommended by Dave Cousins, and 1 others.

Dave CousinsIt’s a story about a professional footballer who’s black and marries a white pop singer. (Source)

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New York Times Bestseller National Book Award Longlist ∙ ILA-CBC Children's Choice List ∙ ALA Notable Children’s Book ∙ Book Links’ Lasting Connections ∙ Kirkus Best Book ∙ San Francisco Chronicle Best Book ∙  Washington Post Best Book∙ BookPage Best Book

"A novel about a soccer-obsessed tween boy written entirely in verse? In a word, yes. Kwame Alexander has the magic to pull off this unlikely feat, both as a poet and as a storyteller. " The Chicago Tribune

Can’t nobody...
Recommended by Simon Smith, Dave Cousins, and 2 others.

Simon Smith@Mrs_E_J_C @kwamealexander Completely, it’s a fantastic book. (Source)

Dave CousinsWritten in free-verse, there’s some great bits of humour in there, and again this isn’t just a story about football. (Source)

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