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What might happen if we could SEE carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? What if CO2 were, say, pink? In this engaging, funny, and highly timely book for children (and their adults!), a young boy whose parents named him Wilbur "in honor of that pig in Charlotte's Web" discovers the power of the human imagination and how he can tap that power to see a shade of pink so astonishing it just might save the Planet.

With help from his geeky "dorkasaurus" Dad and a pair of bright green goggles, young Will learns all about carbon and caring, carpooling and climate change, and how learning to see...
Recommended by Dan Bloom, and 1 others.

Dan BloomI love, love, love this book……This is what I call the world’s first cli-fi picture book, about the danger CO2 poses to the planet. (Source)

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Polar City Red

In the distant future-some say the near future-North America, northern Asia and Europe will see millions of climate refugees from southern lands trekking northward, and the entire Lower 48 might be under threat from the devastating impacts of "climate chaos" -from rising sea levels to a scary scarcity of food, fuel and shelter. Polar City Red is set in an imagined Alaska in the year 2075. But it could just as well be Tokyo or Oslo or Berlin. Global warming is borderless, and so are our fears. "A thought experiment that might prod people out of their comfort zone on climate." -New York Times... more
Recommended by Dan Bloom, and 1 others.

Dan BloomPolar City Red was the first novel ever to published and promoted explicitly as cli-fi novel….Polar City Red is about a family of Americans who are forced to leave their home in Minnesota and make their way north to a pioneering polar city in northern Alaska, threatened daily by looters, marauders and survivalists living around the fortified perimeters of Polar City Red. (Source)

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We Are Unprepared

Ash and Pia's move from Brooklyn to the bucolic hills of Vermont was supposed to be a fresh start—a picturesque farmhouse, mindful lifestyle, maybe even children. But just three months in, news breaks of a devastating superstorm expected in the coming months. Fear of the impending disaster divides their tight-knit rural town and exposes the chasms in Ash and Pia's marriage. Ash seeks common ground with those who believe in working together for the common good. Pia teams up with "preppers" who want to go off the grid and war with the rest of the locals over whom to trust and how to protect... more
Recommended by Dan Bloom, and 1 others.

Dan BloomReilly’s book is a cli-fi novel of the current moment. A major east coast storm, remnants of a hurricane, turns Vermont upside down. (Source)

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Anchor Point (Large Print 16pt)

When her mother disappears into the bush, ten - year - old Laura makes an impulsive decision that will haunt her for decades. Despite her anger and grief, she sets about running the house, taking care of her younger sister, and helping her father clear their wild acreage to carve out a farm. But gradually they realise that while they may own the land, they cannot tame it - nor can they escape their past. Anchor Point is an eloquent and arresting Australian novel no reader will easily forget. less
Recommended by Dan Bloom, and 1 others.

Dan BloomIt’s not a post-apocalyptic dystopian novel, far from it, and it tries to give readers a sense of hope rather than grind them down with doom and gloom. It’s a family drama. (Source)

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Flight Behaviour

Flight Behavior is a brilliant and suspenseful novel set in present day Appalachia; a breathtaking parable of catastrophe and denial that explores how the complexities we inevitably encounter in life lead us to believe in our particular chosen truths.

Kingsolver's riveting story concerns a young wife and mother on a failing farm in rural Tennessee who experiences something she cannot explain, and how her discovery energizes various competing factions—religious leaders, climate scientists, environmentalists, politicians—trapping her in the center of the conflict and...
Recommended by Dan Bloom, James Bradley, and 2 others.

Dan BloomThe novel isn’t about global warming per se. It’s a fable, a poetic fable, with a strong cast of memorable characters. (Source)

James BradleyFlight Behaviour offers a counter-example to the argument social realism is not fit for purpose when it comes to climate change (Source)

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