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SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, HALL OF FAMER, JERRY RICE! "This book is an amazing compilation of the game's history as seen through the eyes of my friend Jerry Rice, aka The GOAT. If you are a football fan, you are going to love this book almost as much as you loved watching Jerry play " --Barry Sanders, NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2004 The authors of the New York Times bestseller 50 Years, 50 Moments celebrate the first 100 years of the National Football League, interweaving history, personal stories, memories, and observations of some of its greatest players, coaches, and advocates to chronicle... more
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Chris Wesseling@mariovrossi Search ‘@chriswesseling America’s Game’ here on Twitter A whole string of discussions about that book. And you can find deeper analysis on (Source)

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The companion volume to Ken Burns’s magnificent PBS television series—updated and expanded to coincide with the broadcast of a new, two-part Tenth Inning, directed with Lynn Novick.

The authors of the acclaimed and best-selling The Civil War, Jazz, and The War turn to another uniquely American phenomenon: baseball. In words and pictures they provide a stunningly rich evocation of our beloved national pastime, a game woven inextricably into the fabric of our lives and our national memory.

Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns’s moving and...
Recommended by Chris Wesseling, and 1 others.

Chris Wesseling@RotoPat @scrogers5684 @KenBurns Yep! I think I got about 3 different copies of that monster for Christmas the year it came out. Great coffee table book. (Source)

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